Ways to Make your Home Trendier

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How often have you entered a furniture store and wished your home looked just the same. Even while browsing through magazines one can’t help but admire the intrinsic and elegant way everything has been arranged. But alas! Getting that look and feel for your own home can be a tricky job. Space, budget and materials are challenges that come into the picture. But all is not lost! You can still make your home trendy and fashionable with a little thought and effort. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get that look you always craved for your home.

Minimum is stylish

On the shelves and cupboards keep things minimal and try decorating it with vertical items that may look long. Just because it is the living room shelf doesn’t mean you have to fill it with everything that you have got around the house. Here you can see the examples for the stylish minimum.

Cables can be a decoration piece

Instead of leaving the cables from the T.V, music system etc. lingering around, try pinning them to the wall in various styles or designs. It will give the room a funky and organized look. You could also decorate the cables or try painting them to make it look nice.

Frame your mirrors

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. Try to frame your mirrors to make it look more elegant. It also gives a complete look to the area where it is kept.

Paint the walls differently

There may be a particular kind of painting hanging on your wall or maybe your wall has already been painted a particular colour. Never mind that. If you are someone who admires art, then go ahead and paint your walls by yourself. Paint the walls with birds, animals, strings, twirls or anything that personifies you. Customizing is the in thing now. Flaunt your talent in the process and get a million compliments.

Decorate switches

Outlets and switches need not be left the way it is. You could cover the cracks or dirt that has accumulated around it with coloured paper, wall paper or tiles.

Team it up with a particular design that can blend in with the rest of the furniture and decoration artefacts in your home.

Try different arrangements

Rearrange your home now and then. You will get a break from the monotony and also get a whole new look altogether. Try doing something unconventional. There isn’t any said rule that says particular furniture items should be arranged in any set way. All you have to do is use your imagination and move things around a bit. For e.g. If your coffee table has always been in the centre, you could shift it to the side and give the living room a bigger look.

Don’t forget the balcony

The balcony is one place that can make your home a really trendy place. It is a perfect hang out area to relax. Try decorating it with plants. Also add a couple of chairs or seating that is best suitable for you. Adding lights to give the complete night look may also be a good idea.

Keep in mind that whatever be the trends, think about what is fashionable depending upon your taste and style. And get more here how to save a buck while renovating your home.

by Sharika Nair

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